Henrique Junqueira Novaes, 25 years -3 goals handicap -competitor in official tournaments of The São Paulo Polo Federation -played in the Brazilian youth team that beat England in London - Winner Brazil Gold Cup. Playing in England this season.

Olavo Junqueira Novaes, 27 years -7 goals handicap -World Champion in 1995 -Vice-Champion in the USA in 1998 -World Champion in Australia, 2001 - Brazilian Champion in 1994 -Winner of the São Paulo State Open - Winner Brazil Gold Cup 2003 – Winner Chile Open 2004 –Winner Careyes Open 2005 – Mexico – Winner Brazilian 25 goals Open 2005- as well as Winner of most major Brazilian Tournaments.

João Junqueira Novaes, 16 years – 2 goals - champion of the Potrillitos Cup, Argentina 1999 – Schools championship in England in 2004 - winner of most of the 10 to 18 goals Brazilian national tournaments.

Sylvio Junqueira Novaes – former 8 goal handicap -Winner of all major tournaments in Brazil -Has played Polo in more than 20 countries, but mostly in England, where he has won both the Queen’s Cup and the Coronation Cup -coach of the Brazilian World Champion team in Switzerland in 1995, at Cartier vs. England in 2001, vs. Chile in 2003, and the Brazilian Gold Cup in 2003.

Sílvio Ribeiro Junqueira Novaes, 21 years -1 goal handicap -competitor in official tournaments of The São Paulo Polo Federation, competed successfully in Chile.

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